Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Well, the game is finished. While I find some hosting for it, here's a brief set of instructions:

Click: Fires rocket
Spacebar: Fires rocket
A: Fires rocket
B:Fires rocket

You get the idea.
Also, Escape accesses the menu, Enter and the F keys (F1, F2 etc.) are used in the hacky little menu.

Current list of achievements (Not programmed in, be honest).
Free flying: Hit the goal in the slide level without firing the rocket after hitting the slide
Rocket-car-helicopter-submarine-hovercraft: hover for at least 60 seconds without touching a wall.
Shattered!: Destroy the Red-switch-mobile with a single collision (Not against an exploding wall! [I don't even know if this is possible without editing the levels :P])
Do not disturb: Get to the goal in the maze without knocking down the boulders
Lame, no mushroom: Hit the goal in the slide from the bottom.
Crash landing: Smash the Red-switch-mobile on the goal in any level.

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